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Field extension, properties,proof

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    Let F be a field of characteristic 0. Let f,g be irreducible polynomials over F. Let u be root of f, v be root of g; u,v are elements of field extension K/F. Let F(u)=F(v).
    Prove (with using basic polynomial theory only, without using linear algebra and vector spaces):
    1) deg f = deg g (deg f is degree of the polynomial f)
    2) any element of F(u) is a root of some irreducible polynomial h over F
    3) deg h divides deg f (h is as in 2))

    Are the propositions 1),2),3) valid for any field F, not only for fields with char F = 0?
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    With the given data they are true in any case.

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    f(x)=k.g(x) is not valid (in generally)
    F=Q, f(x)=x^2-2,g(x)=x^2-2*x-1, u=sqrt(2), v=sqrt(2)+1
    Then Q(u)=Q(v), but f(x) is not equals k.g(x)...
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    You are right. Then I can't help you without linear algebra.

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    I can prove 1), 2) without linear algebra:

    Let f,g be irreducible polynomials over field F. Let u be root of f, v be root of g. Assume, that F(u)=F(v).
    Then deg f = deg g.

    Its well known (it can be proven by basic polynomial algebra) that any element of F(u), in particular v, has polynomial expression degree at most n-1 in u over F , i.e.
    v=t(u)=a0+a1*u+...+an-1*u^(n-1) (a0,...,an-1 are elements of F)
    Let deg f=n and let u1=u,u2,...,un be roots of f.
    Then polynomial h(x)=(x-t(u1))*((x-t(u2))*...*(x-t(un)) has degree n, has v as root and
    its coefficients are symmetric functions of u1,u2,...,un, i.e. elements of F.
    Since irreducible polynomial g divides h (they have common root v), it follows
    deg g <= deg h = n = deg f. Exchange u and v gives deg f <= deg g.
    So, deg g = deg f.
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