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Homework Help: Final temperature of sliver ring in calorimeter

  1. Jan 29, 2006 #1
    A 25.5 g silver ring (Cp = 234 J/kg times degrees C) is heating to a temperature of 84 degrees C and then placed in a calorimeter containing
    5 x 10 to the negative 2 power kg of water at 24 degrees C. the calorimeter is not perfectly insulated, however, a 0.140 kJ of energy is transferred to the surroundings before a final temperature is reached. What is the final temperature?
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    try this [tex] Q = m c \Delta T [/tex] and think about which is transferring the energy and which is recieving the energy...then consider the amount of energy lost to the surroundings and how that would affect the final temp.
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