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Financial, Multiple Compound Interest Problem

  1. Apr 27, 2009 #1
    I am currently attempting to solve the following problem for a calculator I am constructing in Java.
    Company 1 pays A% Interest every T days
    Company 2 pays B% Interest (>A%) every T days

    Company 1 has an initial investment of $X dollars
    Company 2 requires an inital fee of $Y dollars to invest in their company ($Y does not pay any interest! It's a fee.)

    At what point T in terms of A, B, X and Y should I stop investing in Company 1 and begin investing in Company 2 to obtain the maximum return at T=infinity? Investments are non-refundable.

    $1,000 invested in A at 3% interest
    B pays 8% interest
    B requires a $1,000 fee to invest.

    By brute force calculation, the optimum T value is approx 16 for this example. ($1604.71 invested in Company 1). This results in the first interest earning investment in B at T=39. (Only slightly later then T=0 with $1000 in company where the first interest earning payment would be made at T=36).
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