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Find value from OR operator

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    I have 2 variables A and B.
    A can be computed from B like this
    Code (Text):
    Input: BOOL b, OBJECT B
    if NOT b then
       A=[A OR 0xFF]
    Now I would like to compute B from the above code
    Code (Text):
    Input: BOOL b, OBJECT A
    It can be either
    Code (Text):
    if NOT b then
       B= ?
    Code (Text):

    if NOT b then
    I am not sure which way as well as the correct inverse OR operator it is that I'm seeking, I'm so confused..
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    It's not clear from your explanation what you're trying to do here. Also, because you haven't indicated what type A is or what the underlying type is for B (i.e., the number of bits), it's hard for me to determine what the code above will produce.

    All I can say for sure is that the low 8 bits of A will be set to 0xFF.
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    D H

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    You can't, assuming that your OBJECTs are integer-like objects and your OR is a bit-wise or. The problem is that your function that maps B values to A values is not a one to one, onto mapping. One problem occurs with the computation when b is false. Any value between of 0 and 7 maps to 255, and value between 8 and 15 maps to 511, and so on. So which of the eight possible values to you want 255 to map to?

    Another problem: What if A is 1? There is no (b,B) pair that produces a value of 1.
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    My problem was something like this


    :D Have a good day!
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