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Homework Help: Finding d^2y/dx^2 for a parametrized curve

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    Find d2y/dx2 as a function of t if x = t - t2 and y = t - t3

    Ok, so this basically means we're going to take the second derivative of y with respect to t over the derivative of x with respect to t.

    So the second derivative of y would be.

    [2 - 6t + 6t2]/(1 - 2t)2

    Now, we just put that over the first derivative of x which is 1 - 2t so we get:

    [[2 - 6t + 6t2]/(1 - 2t)2]/(1 - 2t)


    (2 - 6t + 6t2)/(1 - 2t)3

    Correct or incorrect?
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    Why do you think this?


    Use the chain rule

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