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Finding eigenvalues

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    This thread, https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=74810, was orignally posted here in the QM forum, but it was moved to the homework section, which is reasonable. But nobody there knows quantum mechanics. I guess the OP gave up on it, but I'm curious how to do the problem now. So if somebody could take a look at it that would be cool. I guess you should reply in the homework section and not to this post directly.

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    What do you mean that nobody there knows quantum mechanics?

    There were several responses, and from what I've seen, I certainly cannot say that those responders did not know QM.

    The problem isn't easy due to the projection operator as its potential. You need someone willing to grind it out to work through this. It has nothing to do with people not knowing QM. Almost everyone who reads this section also read the Homework section.

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    I'm giving my best shot.So far,i think that the potential doesn't have physical states.


    EDIT:I'll take a break.Apparently,there's something wrong with the LaTex.I'll resume posting later on.
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    My mistake. Thanks everyone :)
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