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Finding Primary and Secondary Currents?

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    Hi; first of all I'd like to say I love these forums and they always help me with anything I don't understand. But I can't find an answer for the question I've got in my mind.

    So if we have the transformer's kVA capacity, the V1/V2 step down ratio (and therefore the turn ratio) and all of the following:
    Primary copper impedance (Rp and Xp)
    Secondary copper impedance (Rs and Xs)
    Magnetization inductance and core resistance (Rc and Xm)
    Load (in phasor notation)

    ° Are they enough to find the secondary current (by diving voltage V2 by load + copper impedance)?

    °We don't know if the load is the rated load or not, so I know we can't divide the capacity by voltage to get current.

    °I know can find the primary current by making the equivalent circuit, but I'll need the secondary current for it won't I?

    °Will the voltage (that was V2 when circuit was open) drop when we connect the load (and does the difference between Es and Vs apply here?) and if so, could someone explain?

    I'm sorry if this seems like a lot of questions. I went to my instructor but he didn't help me at all :(
    Thanks in anticipation! :)
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    No one? :( Please help me, I need this information for any transformer questions on my midterm exam...
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