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Homework Help: Finding Tension in Rope connected to rod

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    statics.jpg The rod has rollers at both ends and rolls down the wall and to the right as a force is applied (80lbs), the rope is connected to the wall at 2 feet and to the end of the rod, as a force is applied to the rod there becomes a tension in the rope. Find the Tension in the Rope due to the rod incurring a 80 lb force in the downward direction.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi m3112369! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    (In this forum, you should show us the "relevant equations" and your attempt at a solution before we help you - then we can see what's worrying you!)

    What method have you tried for this problem? How far did you get? :smile:
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    This will get moved to the homework section. However, you need to think about what kind of reaction forces a roller can produce. How would it be different if it was pinned or something else. Every type of connection can supply different combinations of reaction loads. Once you have that, you need to work out the reaction loads at the bottom rod end. That will give you a force that you can then resolve into components perpendicular and parallel to the rope. You want the parallel vector.
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