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First Leyden Jar - experimenting.

  1. Feb 16, 2008 #1
    I have just built a saltwater Leyden jar from a drink bottle and foil and am genuinely joyed that it produces a spark after charging from the TV screen. Good Fun.

    So I understand that the charge lies on the interfaces between jar/foil and jar/saltwater. Then I googled "saltwater capacitor" and saw that some people have made devices using a bottle of saltwater sat in a bucket of saltwater, - so no foil.

    So it occured to me that maybe my Leyden jar could be "turned inside out" by having a jarful of saltwater with a decent sized coil of insulated wire submerged in it, (each end trailing out of the jar.)

    I was thinking of grounding the submerged wire. Then, sweeping the TV screen with a wire with a stripped end dipped in the saltwater.

    Do you think this will work before I go and buy some more wire?

    Any better ideas about grounding / charging?

    Thanks for reading.
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    Induction Charging an Electrolyte?

    If you wanted to induce a -ve charge throughout a measuring cylinder of , say, saltwater how would you do it?

    By earthing the inside of the cylinder and bringing a +ve charged object close?

    Would the -ve charge reside solely on the wet inside surfaces of the measuring cylinder?
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