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Flame thrower

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    my friend and i recently made a flame thrower that was posted on other forums. it has a tank made from pvc that we pressurize to 80psi, the tank connects to a hose, through a vacuum breaker, through more hose, to a gun made from 1.5in. metal pipe. the gun has a valve where you can open it to spray whatever is in the tank out. we've tested it with water and it works excellent... no leaks... pressure holds. to make it into a flame thrower, we would fill the tank with denatured alcohol and add a pilot light about 8in. away from the nozzel (propane torch). the stream of denatured alcohol would pass through the torch flame and create a massive flame. the vacuum breaker is to prevent any backflow into the tank. does anyone have any other suggestions on how safe this will be and what inherent risks we may have overlooked? thanks
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    Inherent risk which has perhaps been overlooked: The issue of pressurised flammable liquid being squirted at a naked flame!
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    You want to make sure your vacuum breaker provides a gas-tight seal.
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    and point away from your friends...unless you don't want to share the flamethrower with them
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    Why do you want to build a flamethrower?

    Are you in the running for a Darwin Award?

    Seriously... if you get hurt, you got no advice whatsoever from here. We can't afford the potential lawsuit, either from you, or from the 8 year old lurker who got the idea from you.

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