Flip Flops and clocks with multisim

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    Hey all,

    I'm trying to build a circuit using flip flops that passes data in series using multisim. My problem is with the clock. I know that data isnt moved until a clock pluse comes along. My problem is that what exactly is the source of this (clock) pulse. Could it be a voltage source and a switch, opening and closing the switch causes the square wave? If not, how do I put a clock in multisim and in a real circuit?

    I ask this because the schematics I've been looking at only shows the clock as square waves or coming straight from something that says "clock".

    --thank you:smile:
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    I'm not familiar with MultiSim, but in MicroCAP and most other SPICE based packages, you would put down a Voltage Source, and set its parameters for the clock frequency and voltage levels. Does that work for you?
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    Umm...now that you mention frequency (which I had completely ignored before), I did some more searches in multisim's component database. I think I may have found something. It looks like a AC source but instead of the sine wave, it has square waves. And it also has settings for frequency and voltage. I think that may be it.

    But I wiring it up, do I put one end of it to ground and the other running to CLK of the flip flops?

    thanks again.
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    Yep, you've got the right idea.
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  7. yes you need to use function generator for clock usage. I got digital circuit design course in university and we used fnc generator in labs for CLK.
  8. Go to "Place>component>sources>digital_sources>digital_clock" from your multisim. i found it in my multisim11.... i think you got your specific answer... :)
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