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Engineering Fluid Mechanics book that's pure integration/vector calculus

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    Hello. The textbook that was assigned to my class is not a good fit for my professor. The textbook simplifies the basic force equations so that there are no general equations with integrals or vector calculus calculations. Can anybody recommend a Fluid Mechanics book or books that deal only with these general equations and does not simplify them to equations for only specific situations? Thank you.
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    Could you let us know first, which text assigned in your class and you do not like?
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    Okiishi's text is typically a good undergraduate introductory text to the subject. If you do not like it, check Frank White's text. It is a bit more advanced than Okiishi's. Here is a link:


    If your major is physics rather than engineering, then a different class of texts might be appealing to you. Examples are Landau and Lifshitz Fluid Mechanics, and Tritton physical dynamics.
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    Landau/Lifshitz vol. VI
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