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Foam Insulation for High Altitude Balloons

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    I was wondering if anyone here has any good suggestions for foam insulation for high altitude balloons. We're looking at temperatures as low as -60 deg. Any recommendations on supplier as well?
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    Insulation for the balloon or for the instrument package? Look up aerofoam. It comes in all varieties of prices and densities.
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    The instrument package. I'm seeing this pink colored/water resistant foam for many of these projects, but none of them specify the materials.
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    The pink dye is commonly used to indicate that a plastic will not cause electrostatic charge to be built-up from friction with air and solid materials. This is accomoplished by the addition of waxy materials to the plastic. The pink color is just a dye added to the compound from which the foam is made.

    I suggested aerofoam as a high end material. It is a very lightweight material rivaling any other in insulating value per unit weight.

    Commonly, it should be more cost effective to use low density styrofoam.
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    http://www.aspenaerogels.com/markets/industrial.html [Broken]
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