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Thermally insulating tape at high temperature (350C)

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    Hi all,
    I am looking for a tape or gel that is very thermally insulating and apply that on my glass slide to serve as a thermally insulating material. The work temperature is 100C to 350C and it should be able to work with clean water. Any recommendations?
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    "Glass slide" suggests microscope, implies very limited dimensions, or a requirement for low thermal conductivity. Do you have some "rough" idea of thickness, heat transfer rate, the like?
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    Although that is a microscope glass slide, I don't use it for microscope...I use it for my thermal measurement. My rough idea is that this tape should be sticky and can endure high temperature (350C). Most tapes I found cannot endure more than 200C. For the thickness, I suppose not too thick? like around 1mm? heat transfer rate needs to be low, since that is the most important requirement...
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    How about wrapping it in aluminum foil. Hoping transparency is not a whole surface requirement, in which case a small hole should do.
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