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For astrophysics grad school, is it okay not to take the second quarter of quantum?

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    I don't want to take the second quarter of quantum mechanics, since I can easily self-study the material and since I'd prefer to take graduate level courses in some other field instead. It's not required for the physics major here. Does it matter that much if I don't take it?

    Same goes for classical mechanics (although it's more because the teachers teaching it have very negative reputations).

    EDIT: Okay, for clarification, I'm only talking about whether or not it will matter for admissions (I actually generally do learn better through self-study than through courses). And mostly with respect to astrophysics grad school.
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    Re: For astrophysics grad school, is it okay not to take the second quarter of quantu

    It really depends on the astrophysics grad program. Some only require one semester of quantum at the graduate level, some require two. But either way the second half of the course at undergrad would help a lot - my school only offered one semester, so I was told I had to take undergrad quantum 2 before going into graduate quantum mechanics (and I'm glad I did). Classical isn't as big of a problem, and I didn't have any problems in graduate E&M after only taking one semester as an undergrad.
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