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Homework Help: Force of kinesin molecule within cells

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Within cells, small organelles containing newly synthesized proteins are transported along microtubules by tiny molecular motors called kinesins. What force does a kinesin molecule need to deliver in order to accelerate an organelle having mass 0.028 pg from rest to 2.8 microm/s over a time of 45.0 micros?

    2. Relevant equations ft=mv

    3. The attempt at a solution i converted the micro to m and s, 2.8x10^-6 m/s and 2.8x10^-17 kg and 4.5x10^-5 s. for my answer i got 1.87x10^-18m/s but its wrong...thanks for help!
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    The conversions look OK. I suppose you made a mistake in your calculations.
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