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Formation of petrified trees

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    My text book says that formation of petrified trees is a result of a degradation and a sedimentation action of theunderground water, and then it goes on explaining that the underground water replaces the plant material in the tree with silica and other inorganic materials, which I think is a sedimentation action only.
    The book doesn't clarify the part of "degradation action" of the undergroundwater to form the petrified trees, and I would appreciate it if someone explained how the formation of petrified trees is considered as a degradation and a sedimentation action of the underground water in the same time?

    Thanks in advance!
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    jim mcnamara

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    Hmm. Permineralization is the term most often used for the creation of petrified wood/trees.

    You can read this and determine how it intersects your textbook's definitions. I do not have your text book so I cannot comment. Sorry.
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