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Formula for a square

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    the book expands it to:

    i didnt get it so can someone please help me in this, i think there is a mistake in the book.
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    Re: question

    [(x3-x2)+(x2-x1)]*[(x3+x2)+(x2-x1)] does not equal to(x3-x2)^2+2(x3-x2)*(x2-x1)+(x2-x1)^2

    [(x3-x2)+(x2-x1)]*[(x3-x2)+(x2-x1)] = (x3-x2)^2+2(x3-x2)*(x2-x1)+(x2-x1)^2
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    Re: Re: question

    have you noticed the experssions on the right are the same?
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    Please read the expressions on the left hand sides carefully. I changed a "+" sign to a "-" sign in the third small bracket
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    yes you are right. i guess it was a type mistake )-:
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    With the negative, it is simply the formula for a square:

    (a+b)*(a+b)= a2+ 2ab+ b2

    with a= x3-x2 and b= x2- x1
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