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Formula for rate of evaporation of water

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    My sister and I are working on a project in which we need to know the rate of evaporation of water... I know that there are a lot of variables to this equation, but we aren't sure exactly where we will end up completing it, so does anyone know a formula to calculate the evaporation rate of water?

    Also, if no one knows a good formula for it, I've come up with a list of variables which might possibly make a difference in the rate, but I'm not sure how much each matters. Can you tell me which of these actually makes a difference in the rate, and which ones don't affect it enough to worry about? The list we came up with was:

    -heat (of the water)
    -altitude (also air pressure)
    -speed of river/stream
    -roughness of river bed (that would probably change the surface tension, causing a faster rate of evaporation)
    -depth of water
    -distance from equator (Water is a polar molecule, so would the magnetic fields of earth make a difference?)
    -pollutants in water
    -mineral content (including heaviness of the minerals)
    -humidity, and
    -surface area

    Thank you :smile:
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    jim mcnamara

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    Are you interested in evapotranspiration? There is also a hydrological component to stream water gain/loss.
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