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Fortran - compilator dependent, intrinsic array manipulation, memory problem

  1. Nov 5, 2011 #1
    Welcome all,

    I have a following code:

    Code (Text):
    program aaaa
    implicit none

    double precision, dimension(:), allocatable :: inp,outp
    integer ::n,i

    read(*,*) n


    write(*,*) allocated(inp), allocated(outp)

    write(*,*) inp(1)
    write(*,*) inp(1)

    end program aaaa
    It really does nothing - it just applies cyclic rotation of dynamically created array.
    But when I use is for large n (in my case - over 10^6) then Segmentation fault occurs. More precisely this is the output:

    Code (Text):

    T T
    Segmentation fault
    I also discovered that by increasing the limit for stack memory the segmentation fault can be avoided. Clearly I am using cshift not appropriately.

    Additionally the code perform does not exists when the compilation is done with gfortran, but it exists with ifort v12.0.0.

    What is going on? I tried to compile with -check all, but it provides no info.
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    I guess cshift() is creating a temporary array somewhere. That seems a reasonable thing for it to do, since it function doesn't "know" you are just assigning its output to another variable. For example your code might say something like
    Code (Text):
    inp=(cshift(outp,1) + cshift(outp,2))/2
    I think you need to find out if you can control where temporaries are created (on the stack or the heap) and/or how to make the stack big enough. Those things are compiler-dependent, which is why the defaults "work" for one compiler but not for the other.
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