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Fortran locate symbol in data file

  1. Oct 9, 2009 #1
    I need to look for the presence of '////' in my data file
    i could read it as character
    since i need to eliminate them from the file,
    I've tried to avoid them using
    if(xx .eq. '////') then
    but is not working the error comes as
    if(mt.ne. '////')then
    Equality operator at (1) must operate on two scalar (not array) subexpressions, two function invocations returning arithmetic or character scalars, or a combination of both --
    but the subexpression at (2)(it '////') is an array

    how to achieve what im thinking?
    Can somebody help me in this regard
    thanks in advance
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    Have you tried just using the VI editor...or even Wordpad (Search and Replace)?
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