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Fortran question (beginner)

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    I'm trying to use a subprogram from the Starlink Project - Lucy in the library KAPPA - that is already installed and compiled. The idea is to be able to call it from my fortran routine.

    Something like this:
    Code (Text):
    PROGRAM ex
    REAL in(10),psf(10),out(10)
    DO i =1,10
      in(i) = rand()
      psf(i) = rand()

    lucy in psf out


    Is that possible?
    If so, how should I compile the file (using gfortran)?

    After downloading and unpacking the Starlink package you write in the terminal:

    $ export STARLINK_DIR=$HOME/Astronomy/Software/star-2015A
    $ source $STARLINK_DIR/etc/profile

    After that you can run the subprograms by typing:
    $ kappa
    $ lucy

    The compiled lucy file can be found here: $HOME/Astronomy/Software/star-2015A/bin/kappa/lucy

    The source file lucy.f can be found here: https://github.com/Starlink/starlink/blob/master/applications/kappa/libkappa/lucy.f

    Many thanks in advance!
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    You would have to use
    Code (Fortran):

    call lucy (status)
    But the subroutine lucy doesn't take in any other argument than that status, so I don't see how you can pass data to and from your own program.

    After a quick look at the source code, it doesn't appear that the subroutine was intended to be used on its own. I think it would take quite some work to disentangle it from the main program.
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