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FPGA-based computer adapting to being shot?

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    Haven't been logging on to the ol' PF as of late, but I'm hoping that one of you may remember more details about something I seem to recall.

    Probably a good 5 to 8 years ago, I recall there being a video somewhere (this preceded YouTube!) demonstrating the robustness of an FPGA-based computer system (as I recall). The video had a picture of a guy taking potshots at a board with a rifle or a shotgun, and with the claim that the computer was continuing to chug along and (if I recall correctly) and with the display continuing completely uninterrupted.

    Would anybody recall the name of the company or research group behind this, or better yet, the video itself? My Google-fu is too weak to come up with anything, so perhaps I'm merely re-imagining the printer scene from Office Space?
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    So this question is 5 years old, but here goes...

    You may be remembering something rather a lot older. In the 1980s, the computer manufacturer Tandem used to advertise a "bullet proof computer" because litreally every circuit occured twice, and the oprating system retained enough history on its I/O that it could restart all th e running processes from the "other" malfunctioning processor if it was damaged. They would actually shoot their computers at trade shows (apparently, I never witnessed it) but it wwas considered pretty cool stuff at the time. (I was working at a database software outfit at the time, and getting interprocess communication (for db synchronization) was particularly complex in that computer)

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