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Free electron Theory and Boltzmann Transport equation

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    I have two questions for knowledge.

    Q) Explain under what conditions Maxwell Boltzmann and Fermi Dirac statistics are applied on free electrons.

    Q) Explain each parameter of Boltzmann Transport's equation.

    Thank you in advance. :-)
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    Please post homework questions in the homework forum and remember to show what work you can do.
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    I said above it is for knowledge, by the way it is not related to my field, someone asked me about this so I said I don't know.
    That's why I post this question here. Obviously it is not homework.

    I just want to know. And it is not a mathematical work that could I show you my work, it is theoretical, isn't it?
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    Do you expect anyone to answer those questions in a few words? Did you try to first gain knowledge about that subject by reading a book or other references? This forum cannot replace a background study program. If you have any specific narrow focused questions, then someone can probably help you.

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    https://www.physicsforums.com/blog.php?b=3588 [Broken]

    Especially #4, since we have no clue on whether you have any knowledge of Solid State Physics or not.

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    Thank you for reply.
    Yes brother I tried to gain knowledge. When someone asked me about this question then I read book named solid state physics by R.K.Puri but when I saw review question then I couldn't be able to reveal the answers of above questions while other question in book seems OK to me.

    By the way, here is Boltzmann Transport Equation,
    [itex]\frac{df}{dt}[/itex]=influence of electric field or magnetic field or a temperature gradient.
    [itex]\underline{F}[/itex]=force acting on the particles of distributions at the point.
    ∇[itex]_{p}[/itex]=gradient operator in momentum space.
    ([itex]\frac{df}{dt}[/itex])[itex]_{coll}[/itex]=change in distribution function due to scattering process.
    Now can you tell me about remaining terms?
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    OK. So no one here to help me ?
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    I repeat, your request is puzzling, and it is unclear what you have attempted yourself. For example, you are asking for an explanation of the "remaining" terms in the Boltzmann transport equation. WHAT remaining terms? The "V"? You had already listed the definition of everything else! I find it puzzling that (i) the text that you got the equation from has no explanation or definition of what this is and (ii) you can't do your own search to find this out.

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