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  1. QuarkDecay

    I Electron Gas (Plasma) to Muon

    When do we use the Boltzmann equation for density in a Fermi plasma? n in [cm-3] and when do we use the ρ=m/V, ρ in [Kg/m3 ] (this is not an example, I just added the equations to make my question more understandable) Is the ideal gas only when we have electron and ions? Is the Boltzmann...
  2. R

    I Deriving boltzmann distribution

    I was reading the derivation of boltzmann distribution using the reservoir model. lets call the reservoir by index R and the tiny system by index A. In the derivation they proposed that the probability for being at energy e (for A) is proportional to the number of states in reservoir. I didn't...
  3. NFuller

    Insights Statistical Mechanics Part II: The Ideal Gas - Comments

    Greg Bernhardt submitted a new PF Insights post Statistical Mechanics Part II: The Ideal Gas Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  4. Toby_phys

    I Boltzmann vs Maxwell distribution?

    So I worked through the boltzmann distribution and got: $$ P\propto e^{\frac{-E}{k_BT}} $$ Where $E$ is the energy. So surely this means the kinetic energy (and therefore speed) of particles is distributed over a Boltzmann distribution. Or in equation: $$ P\propto e^{\frac{-mv^2}{2k_BT}} $$...
  5. G

    I Entropy of ideal gas: Volume it *has* or is *allowed* to have?

    Hi. If an ideal gas of ##N## particles is allowed to expand isothermically to double its initial volume, the entropy increase is $$\Delta S=N\cdot k_B \cdot \log\left(\frac{V_f}{V_i}\right)=N\cdot k_B \cdot \log\left(\frac{2V}{V}\right)=N\cdot k_B \cdot \log\left(2\right)\enspace .$$ This can...
  6. E

    How do calculate the prob of being in a state in therm eq?

    Homework Statement A pore has three configurations with the energy levels shown. The pore is in thermal equilibrium with the surroundings at temperature T . Find the probabilities ##p_1##, ##p_2##, ##p_3## of being in each level. Each level has only one microstate associated with it. Also...
  7. P

    Probability that a magnetic dipole is oriented with theta

    1. the problem goes like this : The energy of interaction of a classical magnetic dipole with the magnetic field B is given by E = −μ·B. The sum over microstates becomes an integral over all directions of μ. The direction of μ in three dimensions is given by the angles θ and φ of a spherical...
  8. O

    Relativistic Boltzmann (including QM) equation from entropy?

    I'm interested in the derivation of relativistic boltzmann equation from entropy after reading Scott Dodelson's wonderful cosmology book. Does anyone know of any good readings for this? The usual way of doing things in classical mechanics is to assume \frac{dN}{dt}= 0 and go from there; but...
  9. C

    Why does corrected Maxwell Boltzmann have decimals?

    So I have just been reading up on statistical thermodynamics and have no idea why the bose-einstein, fermi dirac and maxwell boltzman are all integers, that makes sense, but then when you make the degenerate correction to the maxwell boltzmann by dividing by N! we get decimal answers. Why is...
  10. S

    Derivation of the Boltzmann distribution (Dr. David Tong)

    Hello! Dr. David Tong, in his statistical physics notes, derives the boltzmann distribution in the following manner. He considers a system (say A) in contact with a heat reservoir (say R) that is at a temperature T. He then writes that the number of microstates of the combined system (A and R)...
  11. I

    Deriving equations for pressure & number density for centrif

    Homework Statement Consider particles in a gas centrifuge. This device is used to separate gases of different molar mass by rotating a cylinder at high rates. Derive two equations: one for the pressure (P) and one for the particle number density (nv) as functions of M, r, w and T, where r is...
  12. J

    Seeking bibliographies

    Does anyone have any suggestions for finding lists of all papers published by individual physicists? Usually the Google machine turns up hits pretty quickly, but I've hit a brick wall looking for lists for Max Planck and Ludwig Boltzmann. is amazing, but it's pretty narrow.