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Homework Help: Frequency response of a spring mass damper system

  1. Mar 24, 2009 #1
    Consider a system with m = 100, c = 100 and k = 400. If y(t) = 3sin(1.5t), determine x(t) and ft(t).

    I don't have a picture handy but the equations for the system turn out like this.

    mx''+cx'+kx = cy' + ky

    Transfer function = x/y = cy' + ky / mx'' + cx' + kx

    then w/a laplace transform i get cs + k / ms^2 + cs + k

    i replace the s' w/ (j * omega) and eventually reach the dimensionless form of the equation which is

    X(s)/Y(s) = 1 + 2(zeta)(w/wn)j / (1-((w^2)/(wn^2))+ 2(zeta)(w/wn)j

    I'm kinda lost from here. I don't think i understand what they're actually asking me to find. Does he want the magnitude of x(t) and ft(t) or what?

    any kick in the right direction is appreciated
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  3. Mar 24, 2009 #2
    The problem statement said, "determine x(t) and ft(t)." These are real functions of time, not functions of the complex variable, s. That's what they said they want you to find.
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