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From Complexity to Simplicityand back?

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    (Humm where the heck does this thread belong??)

    Heck proving that "Simplicity breeds Complexity" is about the simplest of things, here, on the net, as all of what you are reading/viewing is simply a collection, a stream, of "ones and zeros" current/no-current (electrical current) and yet its product is, well "The Net" and lots more, dll's, exe's, Jpeg's, BMP's, TCP, TCP/IP, Windows, Linux, Mac's, Os's, Messsage boards, Chat rooms, Pager systems, E-mail!!, (and spam!!) drives, RAM, ROM, webpages, a very loooong string of items that have all been bred from the simplicity of 'ones and zeros' streaming by....

    It is telling inasmuch as it is sometimes the simplest of responces/amnswers that is missed, (or not completely understood, in its communication{s}) as it is an aspect of simplicity (and complexity) that a very large amount of information/activity/knowledge can be 'belayed' by the idea of simplistic responces being able to cover complex issues in seemingly easy fashions.

    This stems from things in my own life, and things from both directions of that manner, in my own life, I had had a friend who told me "an expression" when I was in my mid twenties, that, although I had completely understood the words he had used, and knew (sorta of I had thought) the meanings of those words, it wasn't till I was thirty five, that I finally connected those words, with a waaaaay larger picture that I had not been able to see, prior to achieving that age, simply lacking the experiential kowledge.

    In my own life I have seen similar inasmuch as I have told people things/exressions that, although they had insisted they had understood what I had meant, once (or twice?) in my life, some of those people have had the courage to admit to me that they, waaay later, recognized the difference that I had tried to impart at the time of the expression of "The Expression". They learned something in the interceding time that enabled them to catch onto what had been one of those "Deeper connections to a complexity" that wasn't, at the time of "The Expression" understood, although they had thought that they had had it, they later admitted that they hadn't...

    Tell me, can you recognize yourself?
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    We can try an expression like "Everything is One" expression of the "Sages of the Ages" that attempts to consolidate the 'entirety of understanding' of 'all that is' into one, simple, responce.

    What clearly is not apparent, is just how it does that, but it is analogeous to the "Zero's and One's" streaming of the Net, the "Everything Is One" statement recognizes distinctablity, delineation, parameterization, the differentiation of 'space' (empty) from non-space (matter), with the implication that all of that is of the very same nature...as it really is, energy, and 'bound' energy/solid, and furthered by an understanding of just what 'perfection' means.

    As a result of this Statement, the needs of 'perfection' becomes the need of "individuality" in the existence of everything (matter/mass) hence we see, to the level of 'mass measurements' (at atomic levels) as being a 'statistical pattern' the 'range' that is the weighting of atoms (by mass spectrometry) demonstrates the appearance of the rule holding 'true' to intimate levels of energy.

    For anything to 'exist' (to be/matter/mass) separate from "perfection", (if the Infinite is the "perfection") it must, (as an inherant rule to that) appear as imperfect, "to be seen as separate", an "imperfection in the reflection", hence the rule dictates a 99% rule...Everything is one.

    Any questions?
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    Does anyone wonder why I start so few threads? (ha Ha! )
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    even more interesting is the mention (in some other thread) of the finding of the "Ultimate" answer/equation to the Universe, but it;s right here in this thread, right out in theopen, as it has been for millenium, yet it is still not seen as that, because of the very reasons that I started this thread, the belied Greater and/or Larger Truth, that is implicit in it's comport...

    Everything Is One!
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    I would like to reply with something constructive, but i havent a clue what to say, im sure there are quite a few others like this aswell.
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