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From Facilities Management to Finance?

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    Here in the very near future my educational endeavors will force me to make some changes as far as employment is concerned.

    Right now I am a Facilities Manager, overseeing all maintenance and janitorial duties for several office complexes. However, I am also a part time ME Student at a local community college, able to only take about two classes at a time.

    I have begun the process of applying to schools outside of my area, and the search for employment in those same areas has begun. Unfortunately though, these are small towns and do not have a lot in the way of facilities, so I am finding myself at a crossroads. Even if I could find a position similar to what I have now, I need something with a more flexible schedule that could accommodate me going to school full time if possible, but at least 3/4 time.

    Now that I have completed all Mechanical Engineering level math and physics, are there any other potential lines of work I could/should be considering? I know absolutely nothing about finance or banking, but I am very good at crunching numbers and could learn quickly. If there is anyplace for me in that world, what are the titles? What terms should I be searching?

    Also, I have a wife and two very small children (one isn't born yet) that I need to provide for. My wife will be able to go back to work eventually, but that will be at least two years from now. So minimum wage or entry level is probably not an option.

    Any thoughts or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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