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From where the E inside the battery comes from?

  1. Apr 9, 2014 #1
    So as I am junior high school student just learned that when the terminals of wire are connected to a battery,an E (electric field) is established inside the battery from positive to negative end/terminal (How did I assumed one as positive and one as negative? COnvention regarding electric fields,am i right?),Work is required to push say,positive charges from negative terminal to positive terminal i.e against the electric field (WHY? obviously to build potential/potential difference b/w both ends) so the work is done by the energy provided by the battery,When positive end would be have charges and negative end do not have them...obviously the current would start to flow from positive to negative terminal...all of this is actually conventional current..

    My question is,from where the Electric field inside the battery comes from?
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    The EMF is present inside the battery before any external circuit is connected. Have a read through this introductory article at wikipedia:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battery_(electricity [Broken])

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    thank you i would surely read it aswell :)
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    The redox chemical reaction moves the ions to their respective terminals creating an electric field and potential difference. Once charges accumulate at the terminals, the redox process is propelling ions to move against the electric field. This increases the voltage at the terminals (potential difference) as well as increase the E field energy. Did I help?

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