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Fun question- what tricks can you do with a circuit through your body?

  1. Jun 29, 2013 #1
    My boyfriend is into magic, and he has a device that sends a small current through his body. His shoe has an electrode that is activated by a magnet in his other shoe; a wire runs up to a battery. As long as he is standing and grounded, it allows him to channel a small amount of electricity through his fingers. For instance, you get a small shock if you touch his finger, and he has also held his hand over a pile of salt to make it start jumping around wildly.

    So my fun question is: what other things can you think of that he can do with this device?

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    Here is an interesting video. It shows what kind of stuff you can to by letting small currents flow through your body and everyday objects.

    But it is very different from the circuit your bf uses. He uses high voltage. The people in that video use low voltage in combination with some electronics and a computer.

    Your bf's high voltage circuit could be used for levitating things. Like in those videos

    Here they use a charged balloon and a charged wand but you could probably do it without those items. Since your bf's device is charging up his entire body he should be able to levitate things with his hands.
    Another thing he could do is ignite stuff (e.g. alcohol) with a spark from his finger.
    He can also "glue" plastic foil to a wall or some other surface just by wiping his hand over it, although I'm not sure if that is useful for anything.
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