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Fundamental Differences: MINOS and DUNE

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    Curious if anyone has insight into why a new long baseline neutrino experiment, DUNE, is being funded when the MINOS infrastructure has been in place for a few years. The experiments seem approximately the same, traveling similar distances to detectors in the Soudan Mine and to the underground research facility in Lead, South Dakota. Can someone speculate or inform about the advantages of having two detectors at similar distances? Money is still being pumped into MINOS+, I believe. Why build a new one?
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    • Longer baseline
    • More flexible beam energies
    • More advanced detector
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    Just to add that this would be utterly irrelevant if there was not also a physics case. MINOS will hardly be able to provide any insight on the remaining unknowns in the neutrino sector, i.e., mass ordering and CP violation. It is likely that DUNE will stand a fair chance on both. The mass ordering measurement at DUNE is as good as guaranteed, but is also likely to be known from other sources before DUNE has results. CP violation is in some sense the holy grail of long baseline experiments and the success will be dependent on the actual value of the CP phase. Then there are of course also possible exotic scenarios, but the above are the bread and butter.
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