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Funding for Masters

  1. Feb 13, 2012 #1
    I'm a Canadian student studying in Germany and I'm about to do my masters here. I'm wondering if anyone has been in the same situation? As a Canadian, I'm inelligible for most German funding (though tuition is free), so for my bachelors I've been working part time to finance what money I need to live. I can continue doing this for my masters, but it does cut in to my studying time and obviously I'd prefer to concentrate only on my studies. If anyone knows of any grants or bursaries that I would be eligible for (my marks are ok, but not fantastic), or if someone has been in the same situation and has some good advice I'd very much appreciate it.

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    What about CANADIAN funding, something like:

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    Have you looked into the DAAD database ?
    http://www.daad.de/deutschland/foerderung/stipendiendatenbank/00462.en.html [Broken]

    You can always go for a part-time job (HiWi/werkstudent: ~10eur/hour, typically the working hours are flexible) at the university.
    I would suggest contacting the PhD students and see if they're offering something.
    There are often open positions if you know some programming. If you're lucky, you might find something more interesting at the physics department.
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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Yeah, I've found a job for 10 hours a week as a research assistant, but this isn't enough to survive on, so I've been working teaching english for another 10. I can do it, but working 20 hours a week (almost entirely on weekdays) is a bit rough, and if there was some other option I'm not aware of I would definitely prefer that.
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