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Funny Googles

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    Ivan Seeking

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    A business partner sent me a manual that I need. It was 300 pages of Japanese. :rolleyes: So I used the google language tool to translate a response, that being, wtf is this?, but without the abbreviation, and in Japanese.

    So I got this:

    Returned upon reverse translation:
    Is sexual intercourse what this?

    Maybe that isn't the message that I wanted...?
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    Oh, it gets better.


    I once bought a model RC airplane of a F4U-Corsair, made in China.

    The decals were supposed to say 'Tie Down', instead, they said 'The Down'. Also, there is a label that says 'Use type 100/110L Fuel' or something to that effect. I think the translator gave up because it said 'Use type 100/110L fuels airplane gasoline....... and then the letters literally got blurry and random. :confused:
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