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Future Engineer?

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    Hi there, I am currently in my last year of high school in New Zealand and looking to become and engineer or a surgeon. I am interested in all types of engineering and the college that I will be going to next year ( The University of Auckland ) offers many types of engineering. Should I pursue chemical, biomedical, mechatronic or mechanical? So what would your advice in what to do after I finish college? I also have an strong interest in commodities and stock markets.
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    Among the engineers I know, those who perform the best on quantitative finances are electrical engineers, but the sample size is small.

    Search for "quantitative analyst" (in the case you didn't know this expression already). This may be the career your are looking for.
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    If you want to go into medicine you might prefer biomedical.

    If you plan to build things with moving parts, and like robots and computers - try mechatronics.

    Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Chemical are the four traditional fields ... I know people in all of these fields who make a good living and enjoy what they do.
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