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Galaxy Zoo

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    This is very cool. I'm moving it to Astronomy with a redirect from here.
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    Does look interesting, I will do a few. =-)

    edit: The real images can be very hard to classify. I am guessing they mainly want a spiral:elliptical ratio at differing distances, the spin on most of the spiral galaxies is quite hard to determine - for me anyways.
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    What a great idea to get the public involved in science. Shame it went out on BBC radio 4. :tongue2:
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    I got about 10 tabs going since it takes a bit to load each picture. I have probably done 500 now. Zzzz lol

    Well here is the nicest picture I came across:

    http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/8127/nicecb9.jpg [Broken] Just a star that got in the way, but a nice looking one. :-)
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    I've done about a dozen. I hope they show the same galaxy to 3 people and take the majority opinion.
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    I'm pretty sure they do something like that. I agree it's needed. From my first 20 or 30, I'd say about 70% are pretty clear, 20% I have a good guess, and about 10% are really mystifying. Some of these hard ones are definitely not stars, but I am tempted to click star/don't know cause they really are don't knows, at least to me.
    Jim Graber
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