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Galvanic Cells and Electric Potential

  1. Sep 2, 2015 #1

    In a battery or a galvanic cell, the electric potential of the battery is due to a difference of charges between the two cells like in a capacitor? if yes, why we call it electromotive force of a battery (EMF) ?

    Thank you.
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    Here's why:
    E: As you said, it is the ELECTRIC potential.
    M: Look up the definition of motive. It has a use in physics too.
    F: Although it is not the typical "force" that you think of (a force represented by a vector field), it is a force, just one represented by a scalar field.
    Does this answer your question?
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    Hello Isaac,

    I read that the battery stores its potential energy in a chemical form. It means that the chemical reaction in both cells is creating the separation of charges thus storing or creating potential energy?
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    I believe so. However, the scalar field, to my understanding, is measuring the potential energy of the interaction in volts. I am not an expert on bateries, however I believe it is just a normal electric potential, and in that sense it doesn't mater if chemicals do or don't play a role.
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