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Gauge Simmetry

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    I'm searching informations about the Gauge simmetries and their application in physics; where can i search in internet and where on books? thanx for answers
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    Try "Gauge Theories in Particle Physics" by Aitchison & Hey if you're interested in their application to basic physics.
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    on the web:

    in a bookstore/library:


    Geometry, Topology and Physics (Graduate Student Series in Physics)

    "Topology, Geometry and Gauge Fields"




    But any modern quantum field theory book (written since the 80's) should give you a basic introduction.

    Are you interested in generalities, application to particle/feild theory, application to condensed matter, application to ecconomics, realtionship to topology and index theory?
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    Try search in google for "Gauge invariance" and "Gauge transformations"
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    gauge simmetry in fields theory

    thanx to styr for his links. i'm especially interested in gauge simm in fields theory; if you know particular links about this argument please post them. moreover i've found this interesting link in internet
    http://www-itp.physik.uni-karlsruhe.de/~obr/bookmarks.html [Broken] (section simmetries > gauge) where publications and articles can be downloaded. thanx again.
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