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GED versus online HS Diploma

  1. Jul 5, 2009 #1
    Hi all...

    I have a friend who did not graduate from High school and he was asking me about the GED.....he was told he could take the test online, but when I looked into it I found that you have to go take a test in person.

    Looking for online options (online is easier for his schedule) I came across some "get your High School Diploma online" websites. Does anyone know anything about these "online" tests to get a Diploma?

    Are these for real or are they Diploma mills?

    Would it be better for him to get an online diploma or the regular GED?
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    Just take it in person at your local high school.
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    Well, let's take a look at the source of all human knowledge: Wikipedia!

    Like most of online education, it looks like a money-making scheme. Honestly I would never recommend that anyone do any kind of academic work online, save for courses that are offered online by a reputable university (which is almost always one that has a building).
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    Most online high schools are diploma mills. Belford, Ashford, Jefferson, etc - there are tons of them. This site tries to keep track of them, but focuses more on college diploma mills. http://www.diplomamillnews.blogspot.com/ [Broken]

    When your friend is looking for an online diploma, avoid schools that say you'll be done in a lot less than 4 years (like a week) and ones that make you take a test instead of courses. Some claim to have their own GED, or their own tests of a subject, but most will prompt you through the questions instead of letting you answer them incorrectly. And definitely avoid any that make you pay more for higher grades on your transcript. There are real ones out there, but he'll have to separate them from the many scams.

    Always check the Rip-Off Reports as well.
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    Ignore the on-line diploma direction. Choose either a real highscool diploma or G.E.D. You can also use an adult school for studying some of the important courses toward a diploma, and if you pass the G.E.D. tests, the school can also issue a diploma without your needing to study all of the courses normally required for the high school diploma.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone....I suspected most of those "online schools" were diploma mills...
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