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General chemistry exercises online?

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    I took a year-long regular chemistry class at my high school last year (should have done AP then...), and it was extremely slow-paced and boring. That pretty much crushed my enthusiasm for the subject until I started reading Linus Pauling's textbook https://www.amazon.com/General-Chemistry-Linus-Pauling/dp/0486656225/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top. I totally love this text, and I've decided to use it as a self-study vehicle (possibly for the AP test, depending on how confident I feel). Pauling does an amazing job of explaining things without unnecessary blabber, and the crisp descriptions are easy to learn from.

    Here's the catch: General Chemistry has a very low exercise/chapter ratio. I learn best when I work through problems, so this is a bit of an issue for me. Does anyone know of good, free online resources with many problems at about this level? Thanks!
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    http://antoine.frostburg.edu/chem/senese/101/index.shtml" [Broken]
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    Thank you. However, those sites seem more geared towards lecture materials than problems to work through.

    EDIT: For anyone else looking, I did manage to find a few good sites:

    http://portal.acs.org/portal/acs/corg/content?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=PP_SUPERARTICLE&node_id=1508&use_sec=false&sec_url_var=region1&__uuid=49b3ea10-dc6c-473d-a3f9-3fde49217900 [Broken]
    http://chem1.che.caltech.edu/HomeworkSets.htm [Broken]
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    I'm not sure how long the links on this site will stay open, but here's the site for the general chem course I'm taking right now. The problem sets contain some interesting problems that will really make you think. There are also some really good links to related reading material. I'm not sure how well this will correspond to what you're learning right now, but it's pretty basic stuff.

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    ^ Very good, thank you.
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