Geocities is going to end

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Geocities is the free web page space Yahoo let's people have. Now it's going to end. What a downer! Geocities even had a history before Yahoo. I've had a site going for over 7 years and I put a lot of work into it. There are many very good geocities sites, and yes, some very bad ones too. Now it's all over and I'm going to be homeless. Where can I go? What will I do? :cry:
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Just go to wiki...
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Just go to wiki...

What does cyrus mean by this? For such a short utterance it's, well I have no idea what this means...
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The best free service I came across is by far. It has 1.5Gb space, php, mysql, cron jobs, ftp, you name it. I would seriously recommend you sign up to it, no adverts required. Its such a nice service!
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My site is now off. Use the following sites instead:" [Broken]" [Broken]
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