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Get a server running locally to run a Struts app

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    I need to get a server running locally so I can run my 'Hello World' Java Web app.

    This is the tutorial I'm using. Unless I misunderstand, all I really need to do is copy all the code into flat files with the appropriate filenames - and then compile it with Ant.

    But how do I run it? At some point I'll need to call http : //localhost:8080/hello/HelloWorld

    To compile I'm going to need access to servlet.jar. A search of my drive shows nothing except associated with the Eclipse editor, yet I've got java rle and java sdk installed. I'm obviously missing some component.
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    Well if nothing else you should be able to produce a war file. War is like a jar but suited for deploying on a web server. You put the war in the auto-deploy directory of the server, and when the Tomact or whatever Java server you have running it will deploy the web app from the war. Then you can access it. I would advise you to first make a simple JSP(Java Server Pages) appliaction and then go with Struts or some other web framework.
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