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Get shocked when wearing the shoes

  1. Mar 9, 2012 #1
    I know that rubber is a type of good insulator of electricity. But the problem is that we will still get shocked when we are wearing the rubber shoes. How does that happen? The rubber shoes should cut off the electric connection between us and the ground?
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    You're right that the rubber soles act as a good insulator, but rubbing your feet against the ground is not the only source of gaining an electric charge on your body.

    And then if you get a charge on yourself, and it can't get out from your feet, it will sit in you until you touch a doorknob.

    I am not sure if this is the proper explanation, I am making a guess here. Someone else will probably have a better idea of the cause of this phenomenon.
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    problem is chuck88 hasnt really given us enough info....

    is he referring to the build up of static electricity as you inferred shishkabob?
    or is he referring to touching a mains power source etc and still receiving a shock even tho he's wearing rubber shoes ?

    details, details, details :)

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    In that light, if you are referring to the shock of static electricity, would you get more of a shock with wearing rubber soles or going barefoot?
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    for static electricity, wearing the rubber shoes is what is going to build up the huge static charges

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    good point. I'm personally not sure about either of those.

    I would speculate that the probability of static discharge in the second case from a person's body to something else would depend on the strength of the power source that he's touching.
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    The details are that I am wearing the shoes and standing on the ground. Suddenly, I saw a pair of bare wires in front of me. I feel quite excited. So I run forward and touch one of the wires. Immediately, I feel shocked.
  9. Mar 10, 2012 #8
    This is turning out to be more of an investigation! To come to any conclusion, we still need more details(for ex: the charge the wire was carrying,etc

    Anyway, now, if your shoes are not charged and you put your shoe on a electric wire, there are just some possible reasons as to why there was a shock:

    1) Your shoes had acquired a charge, on contact with the wire, which could mean there might have alredy been some moisture(sweat). Even moist air could make your shoes moist. Water(moisture) molecules would have been absorbed by rubber. And as a result the sole would have conducted electricity, creating an electric shock.

    [2)(On a lighter note...) Your shoe may have had a hole!:)]

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