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Getting an old PLC onto Allen Bradley DH+

  1. Jul 10, 2008 #1
    Hey all,

    I am trying to get an old AB PLC-5/40 onto an existing DH+ for data communication (both ways). The PLC does not support DH+ natively like SLCs but it is capable of serial communication.

    I know that the 1770-KF2 DH+ & Serial interface module are used to bringing a computer into the DH+ network with a RS-232 connection. However, I am not sure if the 1770-KF2 will be capable of acting as if it is completely transparent on the DH+ and only exposes the PLC and not itself. Since I will be sending these information into a legacy system (20 years old?? ), I wanted to make sure it would not have to be configured differently from other nodes that are already on the DH+.

    I looked through the Rockwell KF2 documentation twice now and havn't been able to find anything remotely similar. So this is my last resort.

    Thanks all!
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