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ITV plc is a British media company that holds 13 of the 15 regional television licences that make up the ITV network (Channel 3), the oldest and largest commercial terrestrial television network in the United Kingdom.
ITV plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

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  1. Dan78

    Engineering Boolean expression for ladder diagram

    Hi, I wonder if I am on the right way """""""""""""""""""""""""""______"""______ F = X000 . ( M1 + ( M2 . X002 ) . X003
  2. kunalvanjare

    Is it possible to connect a Hall Effect Flow Sensor output to a PLC?

    Hello guys, I am building a small prototype for a Coolant Dispensing System and need to measure the flow rate of water & chemical in the pipe in order to control the opening of valves downstream. Since I am building a small pilot system, I can't really spend too much money and hence I intend...
  3. C

    Is the Bytronic ICT3 Conveyer Synchronized with PLC Scan Time?

    Attempt as above. image attached of Bytronic ICT3
  4. A

    PLC control programming for two heaters, TCK, s/s relays

    Hi, I would like to provide the PLC control for a scenario where the temperature in a machine, heated by the two electric heaters, is controlled with use of 1 TCK and 2 s/s relays. Please see draft “PLC4” sent attach. The TCK is fixed to the machine and is not in a physical contact with the...
  5. Lola1

    B What is the difference between PLC and PCL?

    What is the difference between PLC and PCL?
  6. P

    Variable 100-350VAC output controlled by PLC?

    Hello, I have a strange request from a client. He has a "burn-off" which is used to burn bits of labels that are stuck onto his products, that's a bit vague, but it's all the info I have. The request is that he wants to be able to change the voltage going through the burn-off anywhere between...
  7. C

    Finding R, I & V in an PLC output interface

    Homework Statement The circuit shown below is part of the interface of a relay output module. Ib is 1 mA and VCC is 9 V. The relay requires a minimum of 50 mA to energise. Complete the values of the assumptions listed below in order to calculate: • voltage across R1 • value of R1 • voltage...
  8. Nikhil N

    How to test CST design studio for analyzing data errors

    Hi.. I want to know how can we specify the data(electrical) passing through cable that we are designing in CST design studio to test the effect of EMI on the data passing?
  9. ramzerimar

    Project: Speed and force control of a linear actuator

    My background is in mechanical engineering, but I'm working on a project for which I need to design a control system for a linear actuator. I want to design the actuator using a roller screw mechanism, which in turn will be conected to a 3 horsepower electric motor through gear reduction. I need...
  10. MexChemE

    Types of signals in process control

    Hello, PF! I've been learning some process control on my own lately, and some questions have come to my head while on it. Consider the following on-off control loop: Let's say we want to control the temperature of the fluid inside the tank. We set up an on-off control loop and establish a...
  11. putta

    Single CT (600/5A) to infeed PLC Analog card+Amp analog meter

    Hello, i have Current Transformer 600/5A, it connected with Amps Analog meter (0-600A @class2.5). i want to update without remove connection of old analog meter and update PLC analog input card +signal convertor 0-4mA, my doubt is will take connection for both (measuring device) at same point...
  12. S

    Reverse relay and travel limit switch - PLC

    Homework Statement Hi, I'm currently studding a module on PLC and have a question on "what will happen if you do this ...". Homework Equations I don't have a problem with explaining operation of each rungs of the ladder diagram, I need some help on explaining the function of the reverse relay...
  13. S

    Reverse relay and travel limit switch - PLC

    Hi, I'm currently studding a module on PLC and have a question on "what will happen if you do this ...". As I don't have a problem with explaining operation of each rungs of the ladder diagram I need some help on explaining the function of the reverse relay and travel limit switches. Can anyone...
  14. L

    Testing rear window defroster grid

    Hello, I would like to develop a testing method to detect window defroster grid failures. Rear windows has 12 heating wires painted to the glass and cca. 2% are faulty pieces. I tried to measure the resistance, current and voltage drop of good parts and compare results with those where was at...
  15. Gursimranjeet

    Instrumentation Course: PLC Programming for Beginners

    Hi everyone, I have opted for an instrumentation course and I am worried about the programming part as i don't have much knowledge about programming. Is it necessary to learn C before learning PLC programming or i could start from plc programming? If I could start from plc then which book i...
  16. A

    Resolving an Allen Breadly PLC Fault: Help Needed!

    Hi, everybody today I have got a problem in my Allen Breadly PLC which is after getting emergency HMI shows emergency button pressed and after pull the emergency it can't reset and it was noticed that Plc fault indicator shows blinking. I have checked all corresponding issue & make all things...
  17. J

    PLC Tutorials & Simulators: Get Started with Automation

    Please can anyone help me on programmable logic controller tutorial or even where I can buy both the tutorial and simulator.
  18. EternusVia

    PLC Progamming - How hard is it to learn?

    PLC Progamming -- How hard is it to learn? Hi everyone, I have an internship this summer and I'm hoping to convince them to let me independently study PLC progamming. How hard is it to pick up on your own? extra info: I've taking C sharp and C++ progamming classes in college Thanks!
  19. J

    How to Toggle PLC Outputs with a Single Button Using an Internal Bit?

    I'm 4 days into an Introduction to PLC's class and have been doing well, but have now been stumped. I've attached a .jpg to show where i am on this problem. Use only XIC,XIO,OTE and branching circuits Pressing N.O. PB00 once should latch on output LT08; pressing PB00 a second time should...
  20. H

    Necessary knowledge and skills for quality PLC programming

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on PF, but I've been reading the forums for some time now. My question is rather a simple one, but since I'm an Electronics Engineer, I think it would be polite to say a few words about my education and work experiences. I've finished 4 years of...
  21. FlexGunship

    Safety PLC Review Company Needed

    My company is looking to have our safety PLC code reviewed by an independent third party. The machine is a ~$1million piece of capital equipment, my company is based in New Hampshire, and we're using B&R. Can anyone point me to an independent reviewer?
  22. P

    Design a plc program control prosim-ii door.

    Homework Statement In this exercise we want you to apply your knowledge of Relay Logic Instructions to design a program which will control the ProSim-II Door. The Door System includes a Reversible Motor, a pair of Limit Switches and a Control Panel, all connected to your PLC. The program...
  23. P

    PLC programmin relevant to circuits/digital computing?

    Hello I am a senior EE student who just got an internship for a Control Systems Engineer position. The position's main task is PLC programming. However, I would like to ultimately go into computer hardware using technologies such as VHDL, Labview, Verilog, etc. I don't know much about PLC...
  24. J

    Which Programming Language is Dominant in Industry?

    Hello, I'm a newly graduated engineer and planning on traveling for 12 months before settling into the real world. I have 12 months to develop my skills in programming languages C++ or C#, I only have basic knowledge of C from playing with PLC software / hardware etc. My question is is...
  25. Z

    Which PLC Brand is Best for Small Scale Control Projects?

    Hey guys I have a project that I am about to start working on. I am going to need a small level PLC to implement the design to control a few very small motors to move conveyers and a few pounds of weight, as well as a few various sensors. The machine will need to do various things based off...
  26. L

    I want use plc program toI want Basthaddam 2 TON timers seemed

    i want use plc program to I want Basthaddam 2 TON timers seemed to run the bulb of 6 seconds and not run them at 4 seconds 2 - Run the bulb when the second and sixth run when second at 4 (means contrary to the above)
  27. M

    Transfer function of a PLC test rig

    Hi All, I am currently building a test rig for a plc project I am doing, it involves PID control of a pump from the level of a tank. I have built my rig but now I am trying to get the transfer function of it so that I can work out some theory. Any help on how to work out the transfer...
  28. J

    Reuters Group Limited, Reuters Group PLC (2008), now a subsidiary of

    Reuters Group Limited, Reuters Group PLC (2008), now a subsidiary of Canadian corporation Thomson Reuters (2008) is a United Kingdom-based news service and former financial market data provider that provides news reports from around the world to news media. News reporting once accounted for less...
  29. S

    What is the difference between AC/DC and DC in PLC outputs?

    I am a student trying to learn about PLCs. I was buying a light (beacon) to install on my PLC and had a question about the output voltage. On the PLC I saw that the outputs are 24 V DC. On the beacon I am ordering, the options are: 12V AC/DC Full Voltage 24V AC/DC Full Voltage 120V AC...
  30. D

    Programmable Logic Control PLC

    I am looking into some automation of basic tasks, and think that a PLC is the best approach. http://www.entertron.com/ This is a site that another forum recommended. Has anyone else used anything from these guys in the past? I have very very basic programming skills and need something...
  31. S

    IR led signal distance,Omron PLC reset

    Hi, I have 2 questions here and hope some experts can answer them. Question 1: How to improve the signal distance of the IR led?What parameters in the datasheet that we should look into? I have purchased few IR leds but all of them can't shoot more than 3 metres. I noticed increasing...
  32. U

    How to connect PLC with SCADA?

    i want to know how the interfacing of plc with scada(of any manufacturer) is done. if possible please post a good link.
  33. U

    Plc based blending system, need more info.

    I need more info on how the mixing/blending of two liquid is done in industries like chemical or paint industries. I need link of any website or images or videos links or any thing you know it. PLZ help me.:confused:
  34. B

    Getting an old PLC onto Allen Bradley DH+

    Hey all, I am trying to get an old AB PLC-5/40 onto an existing DH+ for data communication (both ways). The PLC does not support DH+ natively like SLCs but it is capable of serial communication. I know that the 1770-KF2 DH+ & Serial interface module are used to bringing a computer into...
  35. Ivan Seeking

    PLC Brands Popular in China: A Reference Guide

    Does anyone know or have a reference indicating what PLC [programmable logic controller] brands are popular in China?
  36. M

    Get Top-Quality PLC Simulators and Expert Help | Thanks for Your Support!

    thanks for all, I want good plc simulator, thanks for helps