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Getting started with symmetry groups

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    Hey guys, i've been doing a lot of reading on quantum mechanics lately and realised immediately that i am not going to get far without first understanding the meanings of lie groups, SU groups etc. Now i've loked at wiki but unfortunately wiki is not a very good tool for learning math, it's more so for ppl who were taught and need to brush up on rules. my question is, do you have any good links where i can find simple descriptions of group theory(or at least a beginner level tutorial). or maybe some kind soul will feel bored enough to explain the major concepts to me(i'm mostly interested in physics related matter).

    anyways guys cheers!
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    A First Course In Abstract Algebra by John Fraleigh is a good introduction to groups and is used as a text for many first courses in group theory. It's best suited if you haven't heard of things like the Fundamental Theorem for Finitely Generated Abelian groups and similar things. Even if you can't find it, you can use the table of contents as an indicator of what a beginner should know for group theory (the important sections are: Groups & Subgroups, Permutations, Cosets, & Direct Products, Homomorphisms & Factor Groups, Sylow Theorems, and Group Actions).
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