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Getting through University

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    Hey guys,

    i am getting ready to transfer to either UT or UTSA for EE next august, i was wondering if any of you guys ever worked or had a job while going to university. i will have to work to pay rent so i was wondering how hectic it is trying to work and get good grades in engineering. i will be working as a CAD designer so i'm assuming a part time position will be all i could do.

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    Yes, I worked during college as well.

    It will depend on you really and how much time you put toward your studies (vs. your social life). Engineering can be quite time demanding but if you allow a proper amount of time for homework and studying, you can certainly do it while working part time.

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    Yes, I worked part time at Hewlett Packard, ~ 55 years ago, at $1.50 per hour. I was a "junior engineer" and built circuits using vacuum tubes, like a 420 MHz grounded-grid receiver.
    Bob S
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    thanks guys, that's all i needed to know- if it was possible. if others have done it then i will try my best as well.
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    I can understand your dilemna, renjiLambrusc. I am actually about to start at SLCC, and then I will be transfering to ISU when I have completed my generals; and I will have to work full time while doing it.

    Why are you deciding on UT, or UTSA? Just curious.
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    UT is close to where i am now and UTSA is my back up school. i have friends who graduated from Cockrell, in Austin, and they loved it there. plus, i used to live in Austin for seven years so i already know the area. as long as i keep my 3.6 gpa i should be able to get into the EE program at UT. i wouldn't mind going to UTSA or Texas State Univ. though. i just want a degree.
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