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Getting up early in the morning?

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    i have trouble getting up early in the morning and going out! in fact whenever i am supposed to get up and go out the other day even if the appointment is late in the morning, i hardly can sleep at night and so i have trouble to wake up in the morning! any suggestion?
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    Method 1:

    Wake up consistently every day for a while, it doesn't matter what time, but do it consistently (and set an alarm).. and possibly develop a routine around it (like brush teeth, read book, bed).

    Then you can start adjusting it a half hour earlier every couple of days or something to tune it to where you want.

    Method 2:

    Get an alarm that plays a custom sound clip. Record your own voice reminding you that you're trying to adjust your schedule in the morning.

    Method 3:

    maybe you have a biological or psychological problem that you should fix first; not necessarily something worth a hospital visit. Hygiene, diet, good mental health practices, are all important... but then again, keeping a steady routine can keep you more stable.
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    It sounds like your problem is not waking up - you're not sleeping well. No wonder you fight getting up.

    Try the obvious things first. Get lots of exercise, cut back on caffeine (and none after about noon). Adopt a bedtime routine.

    If you still can't sleep well, perhaps you should consider seeing a doc about it.

    Once you get a good night's rest, getting out of bed is quite pleasurable.
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    Google on "Sleep Hygiene". You'll find some helpful tips that way.

    BTW, I worked rotating shifts for over 10 years. If you think getting up in the morning is tough, try getting up in the middle of the night to go in for a midnight shift.

    I need a bedroom that is cool and as dark as possible. Also, there is a HEPA filter running in there all the time, and the noise of that fan helps mute outside noises. Good luck.
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    Routine will save you. I get up at 4am most mornings for work and it SUCKS! because I usually go to bed around midnight (I was always a night owl and I find it hard to go to bed early). However, I'm so used to hearing my alarm and falling out of bed now that I usually wake up 5min before it goes off regardless of how little sleep I've had.

    Of course, you want to go to bed at a reasonable time and get 7+ hours of sleep (or whatever is right for you), but just getting up for a week or more with an alarm should make your body adjust.
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    You probably don't sleep well at night because you wake up so late in the morning. If you're that off on your sleeping, you might do better to try staying awake all night and next day to get yourself good and tired to go to sleep early. It's the same trick people use to get over jet lag faster when making a big jump in time zones. Pick a day you have off work and school and plan some physical activities for the day to keep you awake.
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    That actually works. I used to have to "reset" my biological clock that way sometimes. Having astronomy/astrophotography helped, because it gave me something interesting and demanding to do all night.
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    Put your alarm clock across the room. Having to stand up to turn it off is really helpful--less likely to turn it off in your sleep, and once you're up you have more willpower to not just go back to bed.
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    I do that too, if I can reach my alarm from in my bed, there is NO CHANCE of me getting up! haha
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    Any day that starts before noon is not worth livng...
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    I wake up every day at 2 PM, go to work, get off at 11 PM, then stay up till 6 AM either doing my normal routine at home, or going out and doing astrophotography. I love it.
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    I'm a "night-owl" too, except I enjoy waking up early.

    I feel so much more productive when I wake up at 7'AM instead of noon-time or late afternoon.

    I've found that what I do before bed is a big factor in my sleep habits. I do things that don't particularly interest me, such as tidying up or organizing my files. It helps put me in one those sleepy bored moods. I also have a rule that I set for myself about using electronics past a certain time during the weekdays. You'd be surprised how easy is it to be distracted by your tech gadgets even if you're exhausted.
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    I go night-owl occasionally and blast through a bunch of work all at once in a blind fit of inspiration. But mostly my schedule is "normal" since having children (just so they can have routine).
  15. Jan 18, 2012 #14
    I have a different situation.

    No matter how late I go to bed, I always get up nearly the same time.
    Sometimes, I have party late and go to bed about 2 - 3 AM, but get up at 7 and cannot go to bad again, although it's a Sunday.
    Do I have any problem?
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    Having suffered from bad sleep for years I've developed/acquired a few tactics;

    1) Go to bed at a consistent and not stupid time

    2) Turn of all laptops, TVs, iphones etc 30mins-1hour before bed

    3) Read a book in soft lighting once ready for bed

    4) Aim for 7-8 hours sleep

    5) When the alarm clock goes off just get up straight away and get busy doing something (even if it is just a morning routine of shower, breakfast, brushing teeth etc)

    This might all suck at first, it might be hard to get to sleep earlier than you like but if you persist then you should get into a normal sleeping pattern.
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    If you are struggling to wake up at a certain time try setting your alarm 30mins ahead or behind than normal.

    I remember reading somewhere that it has something to do with waking in the middle of a rem cycle that can make it harder to get up.

    Not sure if it will help any, but worth a try :)

    Good luck!
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