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Ghost coming and going

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    The context of this question may seems strange but there is a physical phenomenon at work in my home that I’d like to see if it can be explained. Please, if you don’t believe the story that has given rise to the question, do not disregard the question itself. Several years ago I was playing around with an audio tape recorded in a cemetery. I was trying to record the voices of any spirits that might be there. I met with some success. But the one major problem was that these ghost followed me home an have taken up residence in my home. Over the years I have been able to glean some information about who they are and where they are. From what I’ve been told or have gathered these ghost exist in a place that consists of only them. No other naturally occurring materials. Now there seems to be a inability to make physical contact with anything including one another. Something I noticed. It seems that the plane ( just a word I choose) they exist in can intersect with our world. Even though they seem to have a prefect view of us. When this intersection takes place they can, to a limited extent and in a very small way physically interact with thing in our environment. That sparked a question in my mind. Could their inability to be physical be more a condition of where they are than what they are made of? Put another way; Could a environment dictate whether or not a thing has a tangible physical presence? So, a quick example, a ghost exists in it’s plane and is unable to touch or effect
    anything in that plane as it exists in a non-solid state as a result of the physical laws that govern that plane but once that ghost manages to cross over to another plane (say, ours) the physical laws change and impact the ghost differently. This spirit then is able to take on a more physically solid state.
    I guess if I where to put the question in a less paranormal way.... Why would it be that when Item A is in “Place Z” it exists but in a non-solid state but when it moves from “Place Z” to “Place Y” it becomes far more dense?
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    Ghosts don't exist.
    Post reported.
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    dont completly discredit his question you are no one to say that there is no proof that they do or dont exist. I personnally believe that they do. And his question is a valid one even without the ghost no one here is able to say that people like you are why some people hate scientist they are to hard headed and sometimes say things on just assumptions you must have proof before you say that.

    And in acordance with your question though i am not even close to an expert it may have to do with fluids. Mabey in his world there is a factor that makes them so undense that they cant touch or do anything but watch. But while there in our world they something here makes them more dense mabey its gravity that can be the only thing i could think of or mabey dark matter or something we dont even know about yet
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    If posts can be reported for a reason like "Ghosts don't exist", then think of the amount of time it will take people from the LQG camp just to report messages from the other camp! :surprised :tongue:
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    Chi Meson

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    There is never any proof that something doesn't exist. By not being there, no evidence of its non-existance is available.

    This is why, in a science forum, things are assumed to not exist until plausible evidence of existance is seen. Everything, and I mean everything, that I have seen and heard as evidence of ghosts has other plausible and more likely explanations, up to and including the outright lying of the "witness." I'm not accusing anyone here of lying, but I have met people who are obviously lying while claiming a sighting of a ghost.
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    Well,I for one am not interested in having PF degenerate into a crackpots' playground where the posting of half-baked ideas and personal fancies count for meaningful, scientific discussion.
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    It reminds me of this newsstory about timetravellers:

    I think this sounds a lot like what seems to happen to ghosts (in movies atleast). In movies u always see ghosts who can walk through walls and when they try to drink a cup of tea, their hand passes through the cup and the ghost-actor is usually shocked that he cant interact with the physical world anymore.

    So assumed that the timetravellers(or in this case ghosts from the future) can travel to the past, then they can then only observe and not change anything. They actually have to be invisible, because if they were observed by the living people, the living peoples behaviour would be altered, which would change the future, which is not allowed according to this theory.
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    How, beside the tape sounds, has anything made itself known to you. Where are you getting the details about the "ghosts"?
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    Sigh. Ashencrumbs, before your post of such a generally acknowledged mythical nature is indulged, perhaps you should confirm your initial statements. Remembering that the existence of ghosts has not been proven so please consider a few pertinent questions.

    Define "some" success. What do you have? Explain why your recordings are necessarily from spirits.

    Substantiate this far-fetched claim.

    How? From what source? How was this information verified?

    The rest of your post is immaterial (pun intended) if all you have is your own unsubstantiated claims.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    We can't have discussion like this based on one unsubstantiated claim. Before speculating on the nature of "ghosts", we would first have to know that they exist.
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