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Ghost sightings correlated to EM fields

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    "Ghost" sightings correlated to EM fields


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    I'm not buying it...the fields seem too weak to have an effect. However, the part about suggestability makes sense.
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    From quite some time ago, perhaps 5 or more years, I have seen "ghost hunters" who did use things such as infrared, heatseeking cameras, and tools which detected all sorts of events.

    Indeed they had long since found their were some sort of occurences.

    However, because the groups doing this made the assumptions that the ghosts caused the changes, rather than the changes caused the "ghosts" I never put a cent into it.

    In other words, they committed the common error of "correlation without causation"
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Hey Zero,
    Did you miss this...? What do you think?

    http://www.centroenergea.it/Espectral/schumann.pdf [Broken]

    It is written with Schumann Resonance in mind but still seems applicable here.
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    There was a Horizon documentary on this. They call it Neurotheology. Apparently, certain aligned em field can case different sensations in the brain. This sorta makes sense, as the brain primary works by electrical impulses. In the program, they tried to get Richard Dawkins a spiritual experience with such a system. As expected, he was unusually immune. :smile:
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    [crackpot conspiracy theory]
    The powers that be have known for a long time that EM field variance causes susceptibility in the animal brain. This is why they have chosen radio and, especially, television as their means of brainwashing. It is no coincidence that most commercials have absolutely nothing to do with their products and that 4 out of 5 tooth pastes are recommended by 4 out of 5 dentists, yet products continue to sell.

    The large EM variation produced by television sets causes people to enter a catatonic state of askepticism. During this state, they are open to the suggestions of manufacturers with exceptional acceptance. The viewers are then influenced to by whatever they are told to. This technique that is little known outside of secretive circles has been wildly successful, as is evident by the wide variety of crap of little or no use that every single American owns.
    [/crackpot conspiracy theory]

    Anyway, to be serious, obviously a person's expectations have a lot to do with "ghost sightings". Since our brains do run on electricity, EM field variation could have a subtle effect on the human brain that causes these sightings in the brains of those open to interpretation of events as ghostly.
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    My grandfather claimed he once had a brief hallucination and did not know why, he later found out a small earthquake occured at the same time. He reasoned that the hallucination was caused by EM fields generated by the quake interfering with his brain.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    While standing in line at a burger stand, I once experienced the most strange sense of change; almost like reverse déjà vu. The cause seemed very much to be some kind of external impulse, or a brief passing of something. First there was a sense of distinct change and almost a sense of motion, followed by about ten seconds of a lingering sense of strangeness. I have wondered if this may have been some sort of steep ambient pressure gradient sweeping past, or perhaps seismic pressure waves, or even some sort of EM event. Another possibility is a TIA [transient ischemic attack, a mini stroke of sorts cause by a brief blockage of blood flow in the brain], however nothing else in my health history is consistent with this explanation. I tend to think this was caused by some kind of ambient variation. I have never otherwise experienced anything like this.
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    ^^^Sounds like to much beer


    Reverse Deja-vu???
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    Hmm not sure but is it some sort of piss take about my post lol ?
    You have to realise earth quakes in the uk are about as common as my grandfather hallucinating. Then there's that thing with animals, but I guess that could just be the ground vibrating etc.
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    I don't think there is much evidence for earthquakes having EM field effects. Maybe the stress of the earthquake shook him up a bit? I remember that earthquake too..
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    Ivan Seeking

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    No. I can’t even drink. I don't know what to call the thing. I said reverse deja-vu because things suddenly seemed strangely unfamiliar or different. It was really a weird sensation.
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    Possibly this was along time ago though so he would have been a young man, who knows. As for earthquakes creating EM fields I dunno, but from what I understand (very little if anything) of magnetohydrodynamics it would seem possible.

    EDIT: I think I had a case of reverse deja-vu once but I had been partying all night ;)
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Supposedly, not true. Earthquake lights are often cited by scientist to explain UFO reports. By this I am assuming earthquake lights must actually exist. I understand that they are attributed to EM effects caused specifically by the piezoelectric effect. The high stresses produced in rock before or during quakes are supposed to produce the effect.
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    Ah yes... forgot that.

    I guess it's possible, but IMHO there are more likely explanations.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    such as...[don't stop now!]...
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    Oh, the usual. Swamp gas, ball lightning, alien invasion...

    Seriously though, I would think he just was shooked up after the shock of the tremors.

    Didn't this quake happen at night? Maybe he was in a semi-conscious state.
  19. Jun 22, 2003 #18

    Ivan Seeking

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    Yes. But I think this is also when alien invasions usually happen.
  20. Jun 23, 2003 #19
    The etheric may continue for quite a long time after death; it depends on the state of health of its former possessor. The etheric can become the mindless ghost which carries out senseless hauntings.

    Many people in the country districts have seen a form of bluish glow over the graves of those who have just been interred. This glow is particularly noticeable by night. This, of course, is merely the etheric dissipating away from the decomposing body.
  21. Jun 23, 2003 #20
    It is worth pausing a moment here to point out that drunkards, those who see "pink elephants" and various other remarkable apparitions, are indeed seeing precisely htat type of creature. Drunkards are people who have driven their astral body out of the physical body and into the lowest planes of the astral world. Here they meet some truly fearsome creatures, and when the drunkard later recovers -- as much as he ever does -- his senses, then he has quite a vivid memory of the things that he saw.

    While getting thoroughly drunk is one method of getting in touch with the spirit worlds and remembering, it is not one which would be recommended because it takes one only to the very lowest, to the most degraded planes of the astral.

    But let us return to our elementals and ghosts or such. What is meant by elementals ? Well, elementals are a primary form of spirit life. They are a stage up from thought forms.

    What are thought forms ? Thought forms are merely projections from the conscious or unconscious mind of the human and they have merely a pseudo life of their own.

    It is written that thought forms were created by the ancient Egyptian priests in order that the mummified bodies of great pharaohs and famous queens could be protected from those who would desecrate the ancient tombs. Thought forms are constructed with the idea that they shall repel invaders, that they shall attack by impinging upon the conciousness of those who would intrude, and, in impinging upon the consciousness, to cause such extreme terror that the would be burglar flees.

    We should not be concerned with thought forms, for they are mindless entities which are merely charged by long dead priests and set to accomplish certain tasks, the gurading of tombs against invaders. We should be concerned for the moment with elementals.

    Elementals are spirit people in the early stages of development. In the spirit world, the astral world, they correspond roughly to the position occupied by monkeys in the human world. M nkeys are irresponsible, mischievous, frequently spiteful and vicious, and they have no great reasoning power of their own. They are, as one might say, just animated lumps of protoplasm.
  22. Jun 23, 2003 #21
    Just briefly, Orchid... there is no way to prove a drunkard wrong. So, if one is lucky enough to have a chat with them during one of their sightings... one might gather as much inoformation as possible for future use in studying the phenomenon of the disappating/collecting ecomorphogenic/electromagnetic fields/ of these "ghosts"
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    The ether was once a highly popular theory of light propagation on an undetectable medium. Now it appears it has sunk to the depths of just another catch word used by ignorant mystics with no knowledge of physics. The ether has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with ghosts, spirits etc.

    The glow is well know to be a combination of gases given off during decomposition of the corpse and phosphorus from decaying matter. The Will o' the wisps stories were debunked hundreds of years ago.
  24. Jun 23, 2003 #23
    Yes, listening the to stories of a drunkard is something I have done and most likely will do again. I was just saying the dears have their demons to deal with when they go there and my appreciation for that is substantial, indeed.
  25. Jun 23, 2003 #24
    The human brain generates electricity through the action of the chemicals, the water, and the metallic ores coursing through it and of which it is comprised. Just as the human brain generates electricity so does the body itself, for the blood coursing through the veins and arteries also carry those chemicals, those metallic traces, and the water. The blood is, as you well know, mainly water. The whole body is suffused with electricity.

    The is not the type of electrical current that lights your house or heats the stove with which you cook. It is of magnetic origin.

    It is worth making an attempt to explain.

    Get an ordinary cheap magnet from a hardware store or scientific supplier -- ther are very very cheap -- or you may be able to borrow one.

    Put a piece of paper across the top so that the magnet underneath is located at about the center of the paper. From your chemist or scientific supply store you will be able to obtain fine iron filings. Here again, they are very very cheap.

    Sprinkle them on the paper as you would sprinkle salt or pepper. Let them fall on the paper from a height of perhaps twelve inches, and you will find these iron filings arrange themselves in a peculiar pattern which precisely follows the magnetic lines of force coming from the magnet.

    You will find you have the central bar of the magnet outlined, and then you have curved lines going from each end of the magnet. The magnetic force is the same as the etheric of the human body, the same as the aura of the human body. It follows the exact contours of the body. It follows the exact contours of every mole or blemish.

    Probably everyone knows that a wire which carries an electric current has a magnetic field around it. If you have ever looked at high tension wires stretching overhead, under suitable conditions, will have a misty whitish-bluish glow that looks rather eerie. Electrical engineers know this as the corona of high tension wires.

    The corona of the human body, of course, is the etheric, and it looks something the same as the discharge from high tension wires.
  26. Jun 24, 2003 #25
    Yes, its interesting when you think about it. The "demons" the drunkard is dealing with are generated within the drunkards personal domain. Their may be certain fields generated in the process... within the electromagnetic sphere of the drunkard (partially insulated by alchohol(sp).

    The dehydration caused by the drinking of booze sets up the low grade fear factor and the fear factor may set up a certain field outside of the subject (drunkard... in this case)

    Now... perhaps the only person able to observe the field is the one generating it. A subtle emf...with elements of the deeper etheric or what a scientist like Rupert Sheldrake would say... an ectoplasmicmorphology.

    There is also the possiblility that the state of the dehydration and the booze and the elation and whatever other states are inherent in booziness... there is the possiblility that the state or the chemical mix is attracting further twisty bits of the emf and ectoplasmimorph already present in the environment.

    In this case... we might see the elicitation of the field. However... it may help to have joined the drunkard in a session of imbibery to observe the phenomenon.

    Otherwise.... there are other ways to view it. These involve working with one's own endocrine system. Manipulating it to arrive at a state where hieghtened awarness will help see what one could not at a sleepier level of concsiousness.

    Either way... this phenomenon requires further study. Thanks!
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