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Global Dimming

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    As we know about global warming , how many of you have heard of global dimming? As you may well guess, it's all to do with the pollution effects of sunlight over the whole world, particularly in places like south east asia where there is a hell of a lot of coal burning and eccesive factories burning toxins. The worst culprit of all is probably high altitude aircraft. In some places around the world the sunlight has fallen by 20% due to all this crap in the atmosphere. This has also accounted for drought back in the eighties in Africa as rainfall has plummeted. It goes show just what global warming is doing and the balance must be restored.
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    I guess we have been there and here too. I'm not sure if all those conclusions about drought are all that accurate. It may all be a wee bit more complicated.
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    Your name is exaclty the same as mine only mine has an " I " on the end.
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    I havnt read alot about the isse "global dimming" but sunlight is decreasing think of the problems that will create. Less energy for solar power. Decresing farming and tree growth, added to our current problem of rain forests being cut down at alarming rates. Where will get get our oxygen?
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    Solar power? How much solar power are we getting now?

    In the US, there's more forest land then there was back around the Native American times.

    We'll get our oxygen from the air! :confused:
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